What Do Past Guests Have To Say?

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The best of Bali with an incredible group of girls!

“My favorite thing about the retreat in Bali was being able to take in a new culture and surrounding with girls that went from strangers to friends in a matter of minutes. Sharing travel experiences with good company that shares my passion for travel and exploration is such a special treat! Also, I had a monkey hang out on my shoulder! I took away friendships, a new found love for Bali and some great blogging tips and advice that will help me set and attain future goals and aspirations.”


A journey of self discovery

“My favorite part was exploring all the incredible scenery- beaches, waterfalls, and dining at the most magical places while making new soul connections. Being almost the oldest, I worried about fitting in, but each one of the girls were more than willing to support one another to make each of us have an incredible experience. Having amazing photographers/videographers @the_wanderinglens @katherine_wanders made the retreat extra special. They captured wonderful memories of this journey for me to treasure forever.”


Amazing friendships!

“My favorite part of the Bali Retreat was the AMAZINGLY DEEP friendships I made in such a short amount of time. I felt that we all represented the type of community I want to be a part of – authentic, driven, passionate woman. Not to mention, we were surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a rich culture. I’ve already expressed my interest in both the ski and surf retreats where I hope to reconnect with alumni and meet more wonderful women!”


Learned all about launching my brand!

“The founders of WATG, Becky Van Dijk and Vanessa Rivers, were outstanding and full of knowledge. They have connected us with like minded women from all over the world that I am so grateful for turning into long lasting friendships. I feel that this retreat really nailed down the specifics and details I was looking for in order to successfully launch a brand, providing methods and insight into the how-to’s of successful brand marketing, blogging and social media.”


Traveling with a special group of women!

“My favorite part about the retreat was getting to discover Bali with such a cool, ambitious, driven group of women! met some amazing women who I hope to stay connected with, I conquered fears and had adventures I will cherish forever! I also learned a lot about what I want to do with my blog and how to build my brand. I hope to stay an active member of the WATG community and can’t wait for more getaways and meet-ups!”


So many things I loved about the trip!

“There were many things I loved about the experience with WATG. Firstly, discovering beautiful places to see and places to eat with other like minded women who share in my thirst for adventure. Secondly, meeting women with ideologies and lifestyles outside of my realm of personal experiences. Thirdly, gaining valuable resources and exchanging ideas in workshops focused on improving entrepreneurial skills. Fourthly, immersing myself into a group of predominantly extroverted women when I myself am introverted, and to feel genuinely accepted and able to unabashedly be my most authentic self. Fifthly, networking on a personal and professional level in an organic, casual environment.”

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